Oven Fillers


Our Oven Fillers are used to fill a gap below a wall oven when the existing opening height is taller than the height of the new replacement wall oven. These filler solutions alleviate the extra expense of replacing or refacing the cabinets to fit a new wall oven.


  • -Chuck E.
    We love our new oven with it’s beautiful Micro-Trim piece at the bottom of the oven.  Your service and delivery was excellent and I am going to tell my friends about you.  Thank you.  
    -Chuck E.
  • -Rosemary A.
    Received and installed….LOOKS GREAT!  Thank you again for another trim piece that looks beautiful in my kitchen.  Everybody has been so nice and giving me extra care and I want to thank you all… I will refer anybody that needs your services!  One happy customer!  
    -Rosemary A.
  • -Jana Z.
    “It is installed and looks great.  I am so impressed with the quality of your product and ease of install… yes my husband and I installed it.  I am going to share your information with my Realtor who is also very impressed.  Thank you also for your very impressive customer service.  Speaking with a real person is such a nice touch and you followed up with every question I had quickly and within a week it was ordered and installed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  
    -Jana Z.


Stainless Steel Finish (Anodized Brushed Aluminum)

Black Finish

White Finish

True Stainless Steel

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