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Matching Width Trim Kits Options


Our Microwave & Oven Matching Width Trim Kits are used on installations when the width of the microwave oven is less than the width of the wall oven, and matching widths are desired. All our trim kits provide an attractively styled, easily installed product


Many of our trim kits are fabricated from high-quality aluminum, then color coated for a cosmetic and durable finish. Our aluminum trim kit options (black, white, and stainless-steel finishes) are crafted from four separate pieces (two horizontal vents, and two vertical side pieces). Oven support runners will also be provided to put the microwave in a centered vertical position. The aluminum trim kit option has a fixed thickness profile of a 1/2”.

We can also fabricate the trim kit in True Stainless-Steel. These trim kits are fabricated out of 18-Gauge 304 Stainless-Steel. This material allows us to fabricate a trim kit with a similar thickness profile as the microwave door, which will allow for a flush installation.

These trim kits come as one piece and are installed with a set of mounting brackets. The mounting brackets will need to be fastened to the face of the cabinet with the provided screws first, and the trim kit itself will magnetize to the mounting brackets.

A complete line of kits is available to fit your personal requirements whether your project is a new home, a complete remodel, or simply an appliance change out.


  • – Curtis C.
    We just completed the installation of the new trim kit supplied by Micro-Trim. The installation was easy and quick, and the trim kit fit perfectly! Thank you for the quick response in completing our order.
    – Curtis C.
  • – Joy S.
    We love the trim kit you made for our microwave and appreciate the attention to detail, quick return and price! The hardest part was just learning about your services. We looked and looked for a microwave with a trim that would fit our cabinet. Finally, an honest salesman said, “Pick the microwave you want, and have Micro-Trim build the trim kit for you!” Wow- are we glad we ran into him. Thanks- we are telling our family and friends about you.
    – Joy S.
  • – Chad W., Wren Development
    I just wanted to send a quick note about Ryan and the Micro-Trim team. We had a special need for a quick delivery for our customer. I gave all of the information to Ryan and asked for a quick delivery. The trim kit arrived quickly and in time for our scheduled installation date. The trim kit was made perfectly. Thank you very much. The customer was very satisfied. I truly appreciate your response to our needs for this customer.
    – Chad W., Wren Development


Stainless Steel Finish (Anodized Brushed Aluminum)

Black Finish

White Finish

True Stainless Steel

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Downloadable Form Options: Consumer Form Retailer/Trade Specialist Form