Microwave & Oven Full Length Kits

Microwave & Oven
Full Length Trim Kits

Our Full Length Trim Kits are used on installations when the microwave opening is a greater width than the lower wall oven, and a full length one-piece trim kit look is desired.

Other Installation Options:


These Full Length Trim Kits are fabricated from high-quality aluminum, then color coated for a cosmetic and durable finish. Our aluminum trim kit options (black, white, and stainless steel finishes) are crafted from multiple pieces that will require assembly for installation. Oven support runners will also be provided to put the microwave in a centered vertical position.

A complete line of kits is available to fit your personal requirements whether your project is a new home, a complete remodel, or simply an appliance change out.

**For True Stainless Steel Trim Kits, we would need to fabricate a separate trim kit for each appliance.


  • -Thomas R (Yelp Review)
    I needed to replace a microwave/oven combo that died.  The problem for me was the newer microwave/oven combos are much smaller (and some have an issue where the microwave dies quickly).  It was suggested to buy a separate microwave and oven; then buy a trim kit to make them look like they belong together.  I sent all of the measurements to Micro-Trim and they sent me a drawing back (and a quote).  I paid and got the kit the following week.  I was able to use the provided drawing to build a shelf where needed and do the other suggested prep work (like painting the inside of the microwave bay with flat black paint per Micro-Trim’s suggestion.  Installers came and everything fit together perfectly.  It looks like you really need 2 people to install the trim, but the installer said it’s possible with only one person.  I’m extremely happy with the trim kit.  It makes the microwave and oven look great where the older bigger unit use to be.  I will definitely recommend Micro-Trim to everyone I know.
    -Thomas R (Yelp Review)
  • - Kim H.
    Just wanted to say thank you, the trim kit looks AMAZING and really finished off my kitchen remodel.  Thank you!
    - Kim H.
  • - Max S.
    I would like to say thank you for making such a great product. The trim compliments our stainless steel appliances in such a nice manner.  It was easy to install and the outcome looked very professional!  Thanks again!
    - Max S.


Stainless Steel Finish (Anodized Brushed Aluminum)

Black Finish

White Finish

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